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Sexual Medicine” in Madhya Pradesh from 16 December

Madhya Pradesh to host 1st National Conference on “Sexual Medicine” from 16 December.

International and National Faculties address the National Conference of Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (ASECT)

Bhopal 23 December 2011: Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (ASECT) is going to organize first National Conference and City of Indore is all set to host this big event from December 16-18 this year in Hotel Fortune Landmark. This will be 3-day conference focusing on to embrace the areas of Sensuality, Sexuality, Sexual psychology & Sexual Medicine. It is an attempt to bridge the gap from all streams of medicine & strengthen the ties. “Mind To Molecule” is the theme of the conference. International & National faculties will address through workshop, plenary sessions, symposia, free papers and films to update delegates on various aspects of human sexuality. Recent developments in fundamental concepts and practical innovations will be an integral part of this scientific programme. Dr. Mahesh Nawal has been elected as President of this conference.
On this occasion, Dr. Mahesh Nawal, President of Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors & Therapists (ASECT) and this conference said, “With recent scientific advancements, it has been documented that sex problems are not only psychogenic but are physical too! And treatment ranges from psychology to pharmacology. And nearly 5oo, delegates including eminent sexologists & sex – educators from India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia & Australia etc. are expected to participate in the conference which aims to educate Physicians, Counselors Therapists & Educators to effectively deal with various problems & aspects related to sex & sexuality there by helping humanity at large.”
Experts will discuss & present research papers on various topics including Sexuality & media, Sexuality crime & law, Impotence, Sexual problems, Un-consummated marriages, Sexuality in ancient India, Sex tonics etc.
The President of ASECT Dr. Mahesh Nawal said that this association is a non-profit organization aimed at associating the medical practioners interested & involved in the field of sexual medicines. Its main aims are to disseminate scientific knowledge to the practioners to enhance their basic understanding in human sexuality and help improve their clinical acumen, providing platform for the exchange of knowledge, information and technology in the vast and relatively unexplored field of Sexual Medicine.

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